Vises for Vets

Our Pilot Program ~ Vises for Veterans

We're launching a project to provide Vises, tools and materials to US Military Veterans to teach them to tie fishing lures for fun and profit.

Tying is fun, and great therapy. We've been given permission to start working with a few very enthusiastic women Vets, to work out the bugs. We're keeping it light, on a Hobby level, with an end goal of being able to provide part/time or even full/time work for Vets that want to continue on with us.

Setting each person up with the proper tools costs an average of $250, plus learning materials and training time. Sometimes extra equipment is needed, like magnifying lights, etc. Our hope is to include about a dozen Vets in the project by the end of 2017, and if all goes well to expand to more people in 2018.

I will be putting up an FAQ page as we get questions about our project. Please feel free to Contact me with any questions, suggestions or resources.

Please Note: We are a for-profit Company, we are NOT a Non-Profit. All funds will either come from Bill and I directly, or generous Sponsorships from the Community and Private Individuals. The Vets will be paid per piece, but there's not much profit in the small starter jigs and flies. 

We have no idea where this project may take us all. It will be exciting to find out. Every bit of your support and encouragement is important to us, and our Veterans. We owe them so much.

Bill and I are striving as much as possible to keep our products Made in the USA. We do use some materials that may come from other Countries.


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