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12/29/18 - UPDATE: We have an incredible "success story" with our first stage of the Pilot project, our very first Veteran, Amy has now been with us for 2 Years! It took several Gals, and Amy is the only one left, but she's Family now. We have a bunch of Veterans that would love to enter the program, we need to get them Vises and materials.

I guess what we're really asking is that you invest in the Haggerty's, and our Veterans.

It's a cause that's near to my heart. As we grow we're able to help and give back more.

This is an incredible group of people that struggle with challenges we can't ever really understand. They're considered "Unemployable" by many. They have really good days and REALLY REALLY bad days; getting up, holding a job, trying to be polite, fit in with a room full of people that just don't "get it" is sometimes just too much. Pain, Addiction, PTSD, Loss - it's a lot to deal with. Tying helps provide focus, a way to channel your thoughts or not think at all. It can help alleviate chronic pain, keep arthritic joints more limber, give a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Rarely could it provide a real full-time income, and most likely they'll never replace Bill and I in tying. It does give us a breather once in awhile, and we've met some awesome individuals. We're not trying to "Get Rich" off cheap labor; there are easier and cheaper labor forces out there. (some days it's like herding cats!) We have boxes full of flies and jigs that aren't "retail" quality; perfectly fishable, but not "pretty" enough to sell. It can be a learning curve, That's OK - when we show up at kids' Fishing Rodeos we hand out free lures, the kids just light up with joy, and that's enough for me. When we find that Person that NEEDS something to contribute to, that they CAN handle, it's all worth it. I occasionally get a much needed day off because a few of my orders are done, and my Vet gets some pin money for extras and emergencies, and the comfort that she's NEEDED.

I'll call that a success.


Original Post -2016

We have the most awesome news!
We've been given permission to work with a small group of women US Veterans as a pilot program to teach them to tie our lures!

As many of you know, Bill and I have had some growing pains in the last several years. We've been battling a few health problems while business is flourishing, creating longer lead times than we'd like and causing a bit of frustration for some of our clients. It really is only the two of us working the equivalent of 2 full time jobs each, along with our daughter when she's not chasing a toddler and Bill Rothwell, Thank God for him, when he's able.

With the cost of living always rising and making fishing lures being our ONLY income, we've struggled a bit with what to do. We have to make more lures to meet demand, in order to grow. With the opportunity to be on TV, and several Distributors wanting to carry our products, we needed to find a solution.

Enter these beautiful, talented women that jumped at the opportunity to turn this into a fun group hobby for a little spare cash, and see where it takes us all!

Over the next few Months we'll be launching our "Vises for Vets" program.



Stay tuned for updates, as we're going to need some help getting enough Vises, tools and materials for everyone. We are NOT non-profit, so we'll have to find creative ways to get this done. Please share, feel free to offer suggestions and resources, and most of all show us your support for this pilot project. We're taking a slower, more expensive, more difficult way than outsourcing overseas, but it's important for Bill and I to try to keep as much of our business "Made in the USA" as we can, and our Veterans deserve our consideration and support.

Thank you all so much for your continued loyalty, patience and encouragement! What an incredible journey this little therapeutic "hobby" started 14 years ago turned into!

For more info and how you can help - please feel free to call, email, message me, sign up for our Newsletter and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

Tight Lines and God Bless...
Lori and Bill Haggerty
Haggerty Lures